Spring 2016
CLEN 6820 grad seminar”The Novel and Feminist/Queer Theory”

Spring 2015
CLEN 6550 grad seminar “Mobilizing Memory: Arts and Politics”

Fall 2015
CLEN 3775  “Narrating Rape: Testimony, Gender, Violence”

Spring 2013
WS grad seminar “The Voice of the Witness: Trauma, Memory, Testimony”

Fall 2011
CLEN 6820 grad seminar “The Novel and Feminist/Queer Literary Theory”

Spring 2011
CLEN 4550 grad seminar “The Voice of the Witness”

Fall 2010
WS 3311 “Theories of Intimacy”

Spring 2010
CLEN 6550 grad seminar “Trauma, Terror, and Performance” (with Diana Taylor, NYU)

Fall 2009
WS 4300 “Feminism and Diaspora: Rites and Rights of Return”

Spring 2008
CLEN grad seminar  “Heroines of Disaster: Novels and Feminist Literary Theory” (with Nancy K. Miller, CUNY)

Spring 2007
WS “Feminist Texts II”
CLEN grad seminar  “Trauma, Memory and Performance” (with Diana Taylor, NYU)

Spring 2006
CLEN 6920y “Contested Memory and the Holocaust”

Fall 2005
WS 1001 “Introduction to Women and Gender Studies” (with Kate Bedford)

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